Things To Buy When Having A Baby

things to buy when having a baby

things to buy when having a baby - Finding Your

Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies

There is nothing you need more than the warm, reassuring voice of one who has traveled this path before... and survived after suffering the death of a spouse. In Finding Your Way After Your Spouse Dies, Marta Felber offers just such a voice-caring, hopeful, always pointing ahead to a tomorrow that will be a little easier than today. Having experienced her own spouse's death, Felber is never glib or simplistic. She knows the grief her readers are feeling and she encourages them to give it full expression. At the same time, she offers sound, practical suggestions on how to navigate difficult days. This book shies away from none of the difficult issues of bereavement. Felber gently urges her readers toward careful, honest examination of the issues they face.

86% (17)

25 things...

25 things...

I was actually tagged ages ago by Maasje but I only just realised (sorry Lorraine!)... so here are 25 random things about me :)

1. This year I turned 30... although I can’t quite believe it... pretty sure I’m still 21!
2. When I was little I wanted to be a female body builder.
3. I am quite shy and I blush really easily... which makes me really embarrassed so I blush some more...
4. Everyone calls me Noodle (or Noodle-san, Noods, ‘The Noodle’)... sometimes I forget my name is actually Nicole.
5. As a teenager I had dreadlocks down to my waist and 16 body piercing’s.
6. I don’t feel healthy without a tan... I think the sun is life and chemical sunscreen could kill you.
7. I wish I could shapeshift into an animal... or maybe a bird...
8. Every morning I have a protein shake for breakfast to help me grow up big and strong.
9. My famous free go is Shemar Moore off Criminal Minds... or Scarlett Johansson!
10. I am addicted to chewing gum... I always need something minty after I eat... which is quite often lol :)
11. I'm also addicted to chocolate... my favorite is dark Lindt with a touch of sea salt.
12. My cats are my babies... when I lost one a few years ago it felt like my heart broke and I really thought that I might die too.
13. I read at least one book a week... theres nothing better than getting lost in someone else’s fantasy world for a few hours.
14. When I was 18 I owned a street-wear clothing store in NZ called ‘Sally Can’t Skate’!
15. Every sunday we go to a Farmers Market to buy our veges and fruit... I love to support local organic growers and not big supermarket chains.
16. I wish I had a lime green Mazda 2
17. Sometimes when I’m alone I like to dance around the house in my undies and sing at the top of my lungs.
18. I have absolutely no sense of direction.
19. If I won the lottery I would travel the world for a few years... then open an animal shelter.
20. When I look at Charlie her beauty takes my breath away... how can something made of plastic do that?
21. I am the worlds biggest procrastinator and I waste waaayyyy too much time playing on my computer.
22. I’m most comfortable in shorts, a singlet and thongs (thats flip flops or jandals to those non-Aussies)... can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of heels.
23. I cry when I laugh... and sometimes if I laugh too hard my emotions get confused and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad!
24. I tend to exaggerate somewhat... if it makes the story better :)
25. I rarely go to the doctor... if there's a natural remedy out there I'm willing to try it.
Oh and one extra for luck...
26. I use dot dot dot way to much when I type... lol

Anyone else who hasn't played this game already can consider themselves tagged!



I've had a plethora of nicknames over my life, a good thing I suppose in retrospect, considering there were I think six Aprils in my first grade class. Apparently in 1978-79 a lot of women were fond of that month. And no, I was not born in April - I'm a July baby. It's kind of a long story.

The first nickname bestowed on me was Woody... for yes, Woody Woodpecker ... by my maternal grandmother. I was born with essentially a mohawk - that refused to lay down no matter how much my mother tried to tame it. In later years it somehow got bastardized into Woodrow. I still sign my grandmother's cards as "W" or "Woody."

Then there was Strawberry Shortcake from my mom... reddish hair, freckles, giant cheeks, that's sort of self explanatory I guess. Hmm, and "Oscar" for Seasame Street's Oscar the Grouch by my dad. Apparently, I was a rather petulant pessimistic child, often proverbially throwing my sucker in the dirt. "Spot" (because of my freckles) from my great-grandfather, or "bee" as he said that I was a queen bee and could rule the world. And in his eyes, I did.

In middle school and high school I became "Nina" - My middle name is Anita and my best friend's little sister couldn't pronounce it so I became AprilNina and then just Nina.

Others have included: "Ape" - don't even think about calling me that. I absolutely hate that nickname, and there are three people in this world I will (grudgingly) let call me that, and YOU are likely not one of them. "Scully" pretty much by everyone my entire way through graduate school, including some professors.

Then there's "Princess." My dad used to call me that when I was very young, and later in life someone else called me that and took my breath away.

I guess the others that I still answer to include: "Petal", "Red", "Sassy", Sugarblossom, Sugarbritches, Shark Bait, S.B., "Monkeyface" (a tribute to Suspicion, an Alfred Hitchcock film with Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine) and I'm sure there are probably tons more if I actually sat and thought about it.

So - what are your nicknames? Where'd they come from?

things to buy when having a baby

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